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How much does 1000 gallons of water cost you?

by admin on November 1, 2007

1000 gallons sounds like a big number, and it is. To give you and idea how big that is, consider it in terms of fish tanks. Most home fish tanks are 20 to 30 gallon. That’s 30-50 of those tanks stacked together. If you think of larger aquariums, those are about 100 gallons. That’s 10 large aquariums worth of water!

Why am I bringing up 1000 gallons as being an important number?

Because cutting your showers down to just 5 minutes/day will save up to 1000 gallons per month. That’s a huge savings both in your water bill and your electric or gas bill (from heating the water).

We’ve designed a poster to drive home this message.

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